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About Sweets in a Box

If you have made it to the about me page and you're genuinely curious about Sweets in a Box, I want to take this moment while I have your attention to say THANK YOU <3 !

My name is Erin & I was born and raised in Southern California but moved to North Carlina in my mid-twenties to give my children a more affordable and better life...Now that we got the boring stuff out the way let's talk about my baking history. Since my late teens I have had a love for baking and cooking. Of course, back then I was not very great at it. If you were "lucky" you could expect a bite of baking soda in a cookie >.< . So, over the years I have ruined many cookies & cakes (occasionally still do), but I think I got a pretty good handle on things now. I now can say that I create delicious cookies & if it wasn't for my family and friends telling me "You gotta' sell these" over and over again I wouldn't be here typing this up for my very own website. So, thank you family and friends for being my O.G. supporters, and YOU (again) for giving me a chance. I hope you're still buying my cookies when I am able to open my own store front!

Thank you for visiting my website and buying (or even considering buying my cookies) Without you this wouldn't be possible.

With Love,